TCT Khadamat Aval as one of the complexes of Khadamat Aval Group was founded in 2012 by one of the youngest entrepreneurs of our country (Naser Ghadir Kashani) and it has already been able to manage more than 2500 personnel in 170 branches of subscribers affairs, 26 branches of 118 (service operator), ADSL support central branches (NAK) and the head office.
This complex provides telecommunication services across its branches in Tehran and Alborz Provinces as the exclusive executive of such services. In addition, TCT Khadamat Aval is the executive for the establishment and utilization of the largest contact center in private sector of the country, the Center Data and the chain stores of Iran Telecommunication Company.
By adopting the motto “New Style, Modern Services”, the TCT Khadamat Aval has already taken effective steps for the qualitative and quantitative promotion in the new telecommunication services in branches.
The dear citizens have the option of simply visiting the offices of this company (private sector) for performing their telecommunication affairs and receive the services they ask desirably and favorably. The teams of colleagues of TCT Khadamat Aval always do their utmost efforts to ensure the satisfaction of the customers.