Customer-centered policy
Customer-centered policy

We believe that customer is always right; thus, by relying on the Omnipotent God, we put serving people on top of our priority agenda and we do bound ourselves to the followings:

•    To observe the modesty and full respect codes in our responses
•    To respect the human prestige and dignity of our customers regardless of the age and social class
•    To observe the respectful appearance in consistency with the Islamic codes
•    To refrain from scandals and to create a peaceful environment
•    To appear in service place on time
•    To show precision and persistence in serving our customers
•    To employ all our potentials and powers without expecting anything from customers in return
•    To response customers with providing them with the best quality services and detailed information about the services of the company

We try to earn the best satisfaction of our customers, help them to inform us of their demands and help us to grow and reach highest maturity in determining the standards.