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                                  Charter of customer-centered policy
    Site map
    Pictures gallery
    Digital goods
    Phone card
   Credit charge
    IN card
   Telecommunication branches
    Branch services
    Landline phone subscription services
                                                Change in name and place
                                                Closing and opening the second zero
                                                Closing the first zero
                                                Changing the phone number
                                                Detection of unwanted caller
                                                Informing and no information from 118
                                                Request for phone calls details
                                                Electronic services
                                                Refunding the deposit
                                                Removing telephone line at the order of subscriber
   Landline phone services
                                               Conference services
                                               Call waiting services
                                               Busy line transfer services
                                               PBAX frequency services
                                               Divert services
                                              Speed dial services
                                              Alarm services
                                              Household meter services
                                              Connection services without dialing
                                              No ID caller services
                                              NP divert services
                                              Private number services (PNS)
                                             Sound mail services (UMS)
                                             Free call services (FPS)
                                             Message via phone services
                                             IPTV services
    Hamrah Aval subscribers services
    Hamrah Aval services
    Private (exclusive services)
                                              Connection and disconnection of special services
                                              Replacement of defected Simcard
                                              Connection, disconnection and replacement of lost Simcard
                                              Multi-connection and disconnection
                                               Activation of services  for receiving specific services
                                              Complaints registry
                                              Detection of phone harasser
                                             Reconnection for debt in checking with the center
                                             Correction in mistakes in bills
                                             Providing confidential codes
                                             Replacement of Simcard
                                             Request for correction or change in address
                                             Bills services affairs
                                             Presenting detailed list of calls
                                             Payment arrangements and automatic connection of the line
                                       Landline phone
                                       Mobile phones
                                       International calls
                                       Other tariffs

    Address of branches
                                Subscribers affairs of Tehran Province
                                Subscribers affairs of Alborz Province
                                Judiciary correspondences answering branches
                                Active branches open to 22:00
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                        Contact us
                         Absorbing business plans