Electronic services
Electronic services

With respect to the increasing number of subscribers of landline phone that check with the subscribers’ branches to receive the list of calls and bills and to accelerate the information, there have been internet and electronic facilities provided for subscribers:

The first set: Services that do not need membership in site for using them and by mere checking the site and selecting the internet services  option, one may reach it. This set of services is provided for all subscribers of landline  phone and the applicants of landline phone subscription. (Internet registry for landline, follow up of landline hone, printing the duplicate bill, internet payment of bills, reporting telephone line problem 17- and sale and follow up of IN cards).

Second set: Services that require subscribers to seek membership at the site (for example, studying the facilities for changes in the place, changing the number, connection and disconnection of telephone, establishment and disconnection of special telecommunication services, informing the phone number to 118 system or withdrawal from it, detection of phone  harassers, opening and blocking the second zero of the telephone line, correction of the address of phone installation, receipt of detailed list of phone calls in Tehran, receipt of detailed list of calls in Tehran and Karaj cities, receiving 1818 codes, presenting ADSL services or disconnecting it, issuance of duplicate bill).

Documents required to be presented by natural persons for using electronic services:
Completion of application form in the site, presence of the owner or tenant with valid lease contract and national ID. card and its confirmation, completion of the affidavit form of e-services.

Documents to be presented by legal entities to use electronic services:
Presence of company’s representative with introduction letter to receive detailed list of phone calls, by bearing the signatures of board of trustees and/or the Friday prayer priest of the mosque along with the relevant seal, payment of last bill and all debts of the phone, completion of the application security form by the representative.