Conference service
Conference service

The subscriber of this service is able to contact simultaneously with 2 to 4 subscribers. To use this service, pick up the phone and place it in tone mode and dial *70# from left to right. After hearing the tone, dial the number of first subscriber you wish to contact and after conversation, if you plan to have the second person into the conversation, push the flash (hook), put the first subscriber in waiting line, in this mode, music is played for him tone beep, dial *70# the three subscriber will be able to speak in phone. If one of the numbers you dialed is busy, you may push the flash button (and dial again *70# if the line is open.

To activate conference service, refer to the subscribers’ branch of your block by presenting following documents:
Natural persons: 
Presence of the owner or legal substitute, payment of last bills and all debts of the telephone, presenting the original and copy of national ID. card.

Legal entities: Presentation of the introduction letter with signatures of legal signatories by bearing the seal of company for requesting the service, original and copy of national ID. card, notice of changes no longer than 2 years, payment of last bill and all debts of the phone debt.