Divert service NP
Divert service NP

The subscriber of this service is allowed to apply the command #, dial *21* and direct all his former contact numbers to his new phone number in case of changes in his geographic location and consequently, change in his phone number, by reporting his new phone number. By this method, companies and organizations can save their previous customers despite change in their address.

To inactivate this service; too, the #21#.

In this service, there is no need to appear in the landline telephone place and the subscriber can complete the application form and divert his phone number on the new number. This service has specific capabilities more than divert system and requires personal appearance in one of the subscribers’ branches and paying 100 thousand Rials.

Natural persons: 
Presence of the owner or legal substitute, payment of last bills and all debts of the telephones in the origin and destination, presenting the original and copy of national ID. card.

Legal entities: presence  of the company’s representative with  introduction letter by bearing the signature and seal of legal signatories for requesting the service , original and copy of national ID. card,   notice of changes not longer than 2years payment of last bill and all debts of the phone, filling application form.