Private number service- PNS
Private number service- PNS

The applicant of this service receives a number from the intelligent network and benefits from the services of a telephone line with more capability. The main advantage of this service is the accessibility of people, similar to mobile phone, with much less costs.

The subscriber of this service can introduce a phone number to the intelligent network in any moment and any place and after that; the callers to the intelligent number will be directed to the introduced telephones.
Persons with several telephone numbers or those with no fixed places are the most common users of this service. The private 8-digit number  is established by  the payment of 8080.

Natural persons: 
Presence of the owner or legal substitute, payment of last bills and all debts of the telephones in the origin and destination, presenting the original and copy of national ID. card and completion of the application form payment of 100 thousand Rials + charges and value added tax.

Legal entities: presence of the company’s representative with introduction letter by bearing the signature and seal of legal signatories for requesting the service, original and copy of national ID. card,   notice of changes not longer than 2years payment of last bill and all debts of the phone, filling application form, payment of 100 thousand Rials + duties and VAT.