Voice mail service -VMS
Voice mail service -VMS

The holder of this service finds the opportunity to receive the calls as message when he cannot receive it and listen to messages later. Connection with this system is of two types, placing the message and taking the message.

In both modes, the system could be communicated directly or indirectly. In addition to four types of accessibility, the system also includes other facilities such as informing the customer to take the message, connection with the system via IP and message transfer to subscriber’s email.

Documents to be presented by natural persons: 
Presence of the owner or legal substitute, payment of last bills and all debts of the telephones in the origin and destination, presenting the original and copy of national ID. card and completion of the application form payment of 100 thousand Rials + charges and value added tax.

Legal entities: Presence of the company’s representative with introduction letter by bearing the signature and seal of legal signatories, original and copy of national ID. card,   notice of changes not longer than 2years payment of last bill and all debts of the phone, filling application form, payment of 100 thousand Rials + duties and VAT.