Multiple disconnection and connection
Multiple disconnection and connection

The mobile phone subscribers in case of requiring the disconnection of mobile phone line for a certain time (maximum 3 months) are allowed to apply for disconnecting the mobile phone in two methods:
1.    In person: Th subscriber of mobile phone have to check with one of the telecommunication services  and present the necessary documents and complete the relevant forms for the disconnection and connection  of the mobile phone.
2.    Remote: If the subscriber has already activated the E-care services, they can visit the site of Hamrah Aval and apply for the disconnection and connection of subscriber’s request.

Documents and conditions necessary:
-    Presence of  mobile phone or his legal representative
-    Completion and signing the application form
-    presenting the original and copy of national ID. card
-    Presenting the original power of attorney and its copy if the legal representative refers to the center
-    Presenting the original bill payment of last period (confirming the receipt of bill payment by the service office is necessary).

1-    The duration of disconnecting mobile phone is maximum 3 months.
2-    Connecting the phones of subscribers that have already applied for disconnection will be done only by hat office.
3-    The mobile phone subscribers who have activated their mobile phone via E-care are allowed to take actions for the disconnection and connection on application basis by visiting Hamrah Aval site.
4-    Subscribers who have transferred their mobile phone through power of attorney are receiving bills in their own name after few periods are able to disconnect the subscription by presenting the necessary documents (original and copy of national ID.).