Bills services
Bills services

This could be done by visiting the portal of Hamrah Aval, transmit an SMS, call 9990 or check with  one of the branches of subscribers.
Guideline of receiving mobile phone bills via SMA
Subscribers of mobile phone are able to send an SMA to 990009 and become informed of the bill and performance in mid-course as per the calls of city calls, between city calls, SMS and other expense.

The subscribers of  mobile phones of Ertebatat Sayyar Company are able to send their requests via following formats to Billing SMS and receive their services a few moments later.
SMS structure services, SMS to 990009
Receipt of bill of the end of period, one digit of  the billing course * two digits for the year 88*1
Receipt of mid-course bill m
Receipt of bill from date….to end of date… (6 digits) * starting date (6 digits) (871213*871210)
System guideline receipt H or h or help
Receipt of the billing dates: D or d
Receipt of summary of last bills of the period S or s
Registry for receiving bill of the end of course prior to printing and distributing bills R

-    Information of mid-term bill is the performance in a time  interval between two courses of billing.
-    Instead of character *, you may use , or . or / or – or \.
-    In case of receiving the request for last course bill or summary of the  bill,  the bill ID and payment, and also to use services of remote payment of banks are also sent for the applicant.
-    The bill of end of period from period 1, year 1387 92008) will be sent to the subscribers as per the zone prior to distribution by mail.