Presentation of detailed list of calls
Presentation of detailed list of calls

Application for the detailed list of Hamrah Aval phone is possible both in electronic way (visiting the portal of Hamrah Aval) or by appearing  in person (checking with the subscribers’ branches in Tehran and Alborz):

Conditions to receive the services and necessary documents:
-    Appearance of mobile phone subscriber or legal representative with acceptable power of attorney
-    Completion and signing application form
-    Presentation of original and copy of national ID.
-    Presentation of original power of attorney in case of legal representative’s reference

*Persons that have power of attorneys including comprehensive and detailed power of attorney, sale power of attorney, work power of attorney…. Are allowed to receive detailed list of phone calls only if the phrase” receiving the detailed list of calls- with phone number” has been  mentioned in the texts. In such cases, they will be able to receive the detailed list of phone calls.
- Only the detailed list of calls of the last 3 periods of the bills are presentable to the subscribers.
- In case of transfer, presenting the detailed list of calls to the new owner is only from the date of issuance of  the document.
- If the previous mobile phone owner requests the receipt of detailed list of the calls for duration of his ownership, due to including the cost of detailed list of calls in the bill of new owner, the presence of new owner is required.
- In case of objecting the amount of the bill, after receiving the detailed list of calls, the subscribers  should refer to the bills control unit (Vanak Square, Vanak street, no. 40) to lodge their complaints for  the review of the office.
- The detailed list of incoming calls (number of caller) is presented only by order of the judiciary officials.
- The rooming calls (as per contract with relevant operator) will be calculated in minutes.
-In case of sending SMS abroad, number 009891100500 will be inserted in the detailed list of the subscriber as the other side.
- In case of using divert service, the mobile phone number and the cost of divert will be included in the detailed list.